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Maslak e Aala Hazrat Salamat Rehe - Owais Raza Qaqdri

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Hafiz Ahmed Raza Qadri

Maslak e Aala Hazrat Salamat Rehe - Owais Raza Qaqdri 2018

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** Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi (History ) **
Early life and family
Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi's father, Naqi Ali Khan, was the son of Raza Ali Khan.[7][8][9] Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi belonged to the Barech tribe of Pushtuns.[7] The Barech formed a tribal grouping among the Rohilla Pushtuns of North India who founded the state of Rohilkhand. Khan's ancestors migrated from Qandahar during the Mughal rule and settled in Lahore.[7][8]

Khan was born on 14 June 1856 in Mohallah Jasoli, Bareilly Sharif, the North-Western Provinces. The name corresponding to the year of his birth was “Al Mukhtaar”. His birth name was Muhammad.[10] Khan used the appellation "Abdul Mustafa" ("servant of the chosen one") prior to signing his name in correspondence.[11]

He was only 4 years old when he completed the recitation of the Quran. At the age of 13, he completed his Islamic Education as well as reached puberty after which he began issuing Fatwas.

Khan saw an intellectual and moral decline of Muslims in British India.[12] His movement was a mass movement, defending popular Sufism, which grew in response to the influence of the Deobandi movement in South Asia and the Wahhabi movement elsewhere.[13]

Today the movement is spread across the globe with followers in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, South Africa, United States, and UK among other countries. The movement now has over 200 million followers.[14] The movement was largely a rural phenomenon when begun, but is currently popular among urban, educated Pakistanis and Indians as well as South Asian diaspora throughout the world.[15]

Many religious schools, organizations and research institutions teach Khan's ideas,[16] which emphasize the primacy of Islamic law over adherence to Sufi practices and personal devotion to the prophet Muhammad.

Khan died on 28 October 1921 CE (25th Safar 1340h) at the age of 65, in his home at Bareilly.[17] He was buried in the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat which marks the site for the annual Urs-e-Razavi. The 4th of November 2018 marked the 100th Urs-e-Razavi.

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